From psychotic clowns, to crazy Ninja girls, Chemical Burn Entertainment features a large selection of bizarre independent films that will satisfy your craving for sick cinema!

  Nobody does it better!


From horror to Euro crime thrillers, Blue Undergroundís selection of titles
is very impressive. Their Blind Dead box set should be in every film
fanís library!

  Kudos to Dark Sky for getting their hands on the Amicus titles Asylum, And Now The Screaming Starts and The Beast Must Die! Their latest titles includeFrankenstein Meets the Space Monster and the Anthony Hopkinís
thriller Magic.


Don Mayís monstrous creation continues to grow! Singapore Sling and Let
Me Die a Woman are now available! Expect Synapse to lead the way as
one of the first independents to release their films on HD-DVD!



When it comes to hard to find DVD imports, look no further than these two internet based dealers! Fast, trustworthy, reliable service and always a great selection of new horror and cult classics. Both come HIGHLY recommended!





The home of the Toxic Avenger! Troma proudly scrapes the bottom of
the schlock barrel. Meat lovers of the world beware . . . Poultrygeist is
on the way! These are the people your parents warned you about!!


I canít even imagine a horror fan not owning a DVD title from Anchor Bay.
Cemetery Man, The Masters of Horror series, Warning Sign, Visiting Hours

and Bad Dreams are just a few of the latest acquisitions from AB.


Kevin and the gang know how to throw a 3 day party! The Chiller Theatre Toy
& Model Expo is packed with celebrities, dealers and musical guests.
An amazing time youíll never forget!


Our favorite magazine!!


Mike & Lisa have so many DVDs and videos in their catalog, itís difficult to
keep up with them! Theyíre always adding new oddities!


Not only does Ken Kish organize the great Cinema Wasteland Convention
in Ohio, he also carries a phenomenal assortment of horror related
goodies. Posters, magazines, DVDs, you name it, Ken has it!